KODI Addons

               Installing Add-ons in KODI.

Add-ons are packages that add features and functions not normally included with KODI. Add-ons are developed by people on Team KODI and third-parties. KODI has a growing list of community driven add-ons for online content like YouTube, Hulu, Grooveshark, Pandora Radio. Some add-ons like Hulu are blocked due to Geo-blocking. You can get around this with either VPN, DNS or android applications like Hola.

There are a couple of ways to install add-ons. Either from the

1: Repository.  Always check here first.
2: From ZIP files.
3: From an internet drive ( not shown here)

Below we will look at installing video add-ons which has the most available but there are also add-ons for music and pictures

1: The repository is where you would check for add-ons first. The official repository has 200+ video add-ons but you can always increase this with 3rd party add-ons. Most work but some do not due to Australia being block with Geo-blocking or other reasons.  These are very easy to install.

To install from the official repository you select the Video/add-ons sub menu.

 1 mygica xbmc video addons

From here you select the “Video Add-ons”.  Below is a screen with no add-ons installed.

 2 mygica xbmc video addons get more

Selecting “Get more” Will give you the official repository of add-ons available.

 3 mygica xbmc video addons addons

To install 3rd party add-ons you need to install them from ZIP files. This is done in the System settings.

This will install the add-on directly or will add to your repository.  Most times you will add a new repository.

Then install the add-on. The advantage is that when a update is done on the add-on it will update itself.

 4 mygica xbmc video addons settings5 mygica xbmc video addons install from zip

If you do not get into the above screen when first going into add-ons click back until you do.


Select “sda1” or “udisk0”. This is how your USB device will be listed.

8mygica xbmc video addons root storage sda1

Note: If you have more than 1 USB device connected it could be listed as “sda1” or “sdb1” or udisk0, udisk1

Select the zip file of the repository or add-on you want install. In the example here we will install the one channel repository.

 9 mygica xbmc video addons install file from zip

It will display that it has installed the repository.

From here you go into the “Get Add-ons”

Then Video Add-ons

Then select your add-on. In this case it is “1 Channel plugin”

 10 mygica xbmc video addons installed

Select install and this will install the add-on.

 11 mygica xbmc video addons get addons

 12 mygica xbmc video addons install

 13 mygica xbmc video addons download

You can go back in and configure the add-on from here if you wanted. All add-ons have different setting and some don’t have any at all.

 14 mygica xbmc video addons enabled

All add-ons have different setting and some don’t have any at all.

 15 mygica xbmc video addons settings

Your add-on is now installed.

 16mygica xbmc video addons ready

Enjoy J